This blog has been set up to include posts about, as the name implies, computation & physics. This includes posts mainly about Linux & Ubuntu, shell code, programming, physics, scientific software, astronomy, astrophysics, computational (astro)physics, philosophy, & the like, and what ever triggers my interest & which I see fit to post here.

Following the blog

This blog is not a news source/service & not a professional blog! Nevertheless, If you find the blog interesting enough to follow, you can do so through either i) RSS feeds (using "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" after each post) or by ii) email (at the very end of the page).

Copyright statement

No copyright infringement was intended in writing any of this blog's posts. Any infringement, if any, is an innocent mistake in the use of the relevant information for pure personal and educational, not commercial, purposes! If you detect any, please contact me or leave me a comment below about it and the right way to compensate for it (e.g; mentioning source, website, author, etc...).


If you'd like to contact me, you do that either on twitter @astrobob_tk or by just leaving your comment below.

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