Welcome to the blog!

This blog has been set up to include posts about, as the name implies, computation & physics. This includes posts mainly about:
  • Linux & Ubuntu,
  • the shell (aka terminal),
  • programming (this is going to be rare as there are lots of other better online resources),
  • physics, astronomy*, astrophysics,
  • scientific software, computational (astro)physics,
  • what ever I see interesting for such a blog,
  • & the like.

If you're interested in the above combination of topics then I suggest you follow the blog by email** (bottom of page).

Also note that this blog is a students blog; I am still a student learning the above mentioned topics!

Welcome aboard!

*I might also refer you my website &/or blog!
**The frequency of posts will be low, so I won't be filling up you're inbox.

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